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# civicrm-org-site
# website
Site-specific code for the website.
You can find more information at:
# Development workflow
All new code, etc. should be developed locally, commited to this repository,
tested on a test site at `https://[site]`, and the deployed
on production. New test sites can be created by request.
It is good practice to use a test site to experiment with anything that does not
happen at the code level (like configuration changes, creating views,
permissions changes, etc.) but if you are making trivial changes, just adding
content, etc., and you are confident of the results, please feel free to make
the changes directly on the live site.
**Note:** Access test sites with http username/password civicrm/civicrm.
**WARNING**: many people have access to www-test, and it gets over written with
data from www-prod on a regular basis, e.g. when testing upgrades of CiviCRM.
Therefore, you should let people on the marketing or infrastructure Mattermost
channel about any changes you are making on www-test so they don't overwrite
them, and NOT assume that your config changes will be on www-test next time you
look. Backup/Export any complex views, etc. to ensure they are there next time
you look.
## Development branches
www-prod should track the master branch. Developments should happen on
seperate branches and be merged to master when ready to deploy.
## Custom modules
All custom modules should be added to the `sites/all/modules/custom` directory
and follow the naming convention civicrm_org_module_name.
FIXME: since ~ 2017, `sites/all` is in another repository. We should move the
custom modules/themes under `sites/` (this repository).
## File permissions
We use facls for handling file permissions. These are set up and shouldn't need to be changed. In case they do
sudo find /var/www/civicrm-website-org/drupal/sites/ -type d -exec setfacl -m u:www-data:rwx -m d:u:www-data:rwx -R {} \;
sudo find /var/www/civicrm-website-org/drupal/sites/ -type f -exec setfacl -m u:www-data:rwx -R {} \;
FIXME: This is not used anymore (managed by Aegir).
## Releases is served from www-prod. All source-code is owned by the
`aegir` user. To do a release, use the latest code from the master branch to
create a tag and then check out the tag on www-prod, e.g.
FIXME: (2017) we are not currently doing this. www-prod always uses `master`.
localhost$ ssh www-test
me@www-test$ sudo -u co -H bash
co@www-test$ cd /var/www/civicrm-website-org/
co@www-test$ git checkout master
co@www-test$ git pull
co@www-test$ ./ origin
## Make a mental note of the tag name (e.g. "deploy-2014-10-15-22-42")
localhost$ ssh www-prod
me@www-prod$ sudo -u co -H bash
co@www-prod$ cd /var/www/civicrm-website-org/
co@www-prod$ git fetch origin
## Checkout the appropriate tag, e.g.
co@www-prod$ git checkout deploy-2014-10-15-22-42
## Optional: If config/*.conf has changed, then restart nginx.
me@www-prod$ sudo service nginx restart
This process gives a clear trail of the timeline for code that has been deployed on www-prod -- which can assist in future debugging/auditing.
# Syncing to test and local environments
FIXME (2017) not up to date.
Syncing to www-test and local development environments is done in the standard way (mysqldump and restore the databases and rsync/copy the files). You can then do a git pull (and so on) to check out appropriate code.
There is a script /home/michael/ on www-test that does this. It needs to be run as michael at the moment, but we could generalising it should be trivial.
You should not need to worry about backing up the www-test database because no important data should be stored there (see development workflow above).
# Local development environments
You can develop locally as long as you are not storing any unencrypted personal data in your local development environment.
Drupal and CiviCRM databases can be encrypted on before being transferred to local development environments.
The site is hosted with nginx and this repository also contains some nginx rewrites that you can include with something like the below:
server {
# Standard Drupal and CiviCRM nginx configuration here
include /var/www/civicrm-website-org/config/rewrites.conf; # <-- add this line
# Upgrades
Upgrades (especially CiviCRM upgrades) should be
1) tested on a local copy first, then commited to the repo, then
2) tested on www-test
If all went smoothly in both instances, they can be carried out on the production server.
* The drush command 'drush updb' is useful for just applying db upgrades when the code upgrade has already been done with a git pull (as is the case on www-test and www-prod).
* The drush command 'civicrm-upgrade-db' is useful for upgrading CiviCRM from the command line
Needless to say, if you do notice anything going wrong, fix and test again on the test infrastructure before carried out any upgrades on the production server.
Put the site into maintanence mode before upgrading
# CiviCRM customisations
Any CiviCRM customisations should be places in the php and templates directory rather than being directly overwritted in order to make it easy to keep track of customisations through upgrades.
# Support
Contact `bgm` on the `infrastructure`[1] channel if you need any support with any of the above.
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