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Fix offline (live) event payments for Wordpress

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## Release 5.4
* Fix drupal webform detection so it doesn't generate a false positive if we also have a webform on the same page.
* Fix Stripe create customer in test mode.
* Fix offline (live) event payments for Wordpress.
* Add StripeCustomer.updatestripemetadata API.
* Add a system check for invalid API key.
* Add StripeCustomer.delete to delete a customer from CiviCRM.
## Release 5.3.2
* Fix retrieving email receipt parameter on stripe IPN which stopped contributions from being marked as completed.
* Fix webhook check for wordpress so we don't get false positives when everything is configured ok.
......@@ -73,8 +73,9 @@ CRM.$(function($) {
$( document ).ajaxComplete(function( event, xhr, settings ) {
// /civicrm/payment/form? occurs when a payproc is selected on page
// /civicrm/contact/view/participant occurs when payproc is first loaded on event credit card payment
if ((settings.url.match("/civicrm/payment/form?"))
|| (settings.url.match("/civicrm/contact/view/participant?"))) {
// On wordpress these are urlencoded
if ((settings.url.match("civicrm(\/|%2F)payment(\/|%2F)form") != null)
|| (settings.url.match("civicrm(\/|\%2F)contact(\/|\%2F)view(\/|\%2F)participant") != null)) {
// See if there is a payment processor selector on this form
// (e.g. an offline credit card contribution page).
if ($('#payment_processor_id').length > 0) {
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