Commit 7f1ddd5f authored by cividesk's avatar cividesk
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Recalculate all cohort data every month.

parent 3773a74d
......@@ -62,17 +62,29 @@ echo "Total active sites: $result[0]" . PHP_EOL;
// Create the cohort data on the first of each month
if (date('j') == 1) {
// Loop over all previous cohorts and calculate last month's data
echo "Recalculating cohort data:";
// We need to calculate cohort data all over again since the
// values might have changed with sites that have lingered
// ex: someone from cohort X reconnects this month after been absent for a few months
// Clear the cohort table
$dbh->query("TRUNCATE pingback_cohort");
// Loop over all previous cohorts and recalculate previous month's data
$cohort = '2014-09';
$lmonth = date('Y-m', strtotime('-1 week'));
while ($cohort <= $lmonth) {
INSERT INTO pingback_cohort (cohort, month, num_sites)
VALUES ('$cohort', '$lmonth', (
$thismonth = date('Y-m');
while ($cohort < $thismonth) {
echo " $cohort";
$month = $cohort;
while ($month < $thismonth) {
INSERT INTO pingback_cohort (`cohort`, `month`, `num_sites`)
VALUES ('$cohort', '$month', (
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM pingback_site
WHERE LEFT(first_timestamp,7) = '$cohort' AND last_timestamp >= '$lmonth'))");
WHERE LEFT(first_timestamp,7) = '$cohort' AND last_timestamp >= CONCAT('$month', '-01')))");
$month = date('Y-m', strtotime($month.'-01 +1 month'));
$cohort = date('Y-m', strtotime($cohort.'-01 +1 month'));
echo PHP_EOL;
// Now calculate the extension stats
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