Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • sig:translation
    Affects support for multiple languages or locales
  • sig:sysadmin
    The issue affects the manageability or productivity from the sysadmin perspective
  • sig:maintainability
    Affects maintainability, code-quality, testability, quality-assurance, etc
  • comp:Payments
    Payment processing
  • comp:Import
    Built-in data-import system
  • comp:Export
    Built-in data-export system
  • comp:Dedupe
    Subsystem for identifying and merging duplicate contacts
  • comp:CiviMember
    Membership management components (CiviMember)
  • comp:CiviReport
    Built-in reporting components (CiviReport)
  • comp:CiviMail
    Composing, sending, and tracking email blasts
  • comp:CiviEvent
    Event management components (CiviEvent)
  • comp:CiviContribute
    Contribution management components (CiviContribute)
  • comp:CiviCase
    Case management components (CiviCase)
  • comp:Activities
    Activity management components
  • comp:APIv4
  • Sprint topic
  • git:civicrm-backdrop
    Involves source code from the "civicrm-backdrop" git repo
  • type:paid-issue-queue
    Label used to identify fixes and improvements that are prioritized by the core team and funded by the community.
  • sig:usability
    The issue affects the intuitiveness or productivity of casual users
  • sig:unverified-bug
    Bug needs to be confirmed on latest version