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  • comp:CiviMember
    Membership management components (CiviMember)
  • comp:Dedupe
    Subsystem for identifying and merging duplicate contacts
  • comp:Export
    Built-in data-export system
  • comp:Import
    Built-in data-import system
  • comp:Payments
    Payment processing
  • sig:maintainability
    Affects maintainability, code-quality, testability, quality-assurance, etc
  • sig:sysadmin
    The issue affects the manageability or productivity from the sysadmin perspective
  • sig:translation
    Affects support for multiple languages or locales
  • current sprint
  • comp:APIv3
  • comp:OAuth
    Authentication API
  • type:backlog
    The submitter has documented an issue but does not expect immediate action.
  • sig:security-improvement
    The issue improves security functionality (eg more permissioning or cryptography options). Do NOT file a vulnerability/exploit here.
  • epic
    This is a broad issue that is likely to entail multiple subordinate issues.
  • comp:FormBuilder
  • comp:searchkit