Commit 5eda9c5d authored by parvez's avatar parvez
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Merge pull request #11 from rajeshrhino/master

Postcode anywhere - Fix to use house name as part of street address
parents 6a58120a 5332c94b
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ class CRM_Civicrmpostcodelookup_Page_PostcodeAnywhere extends CRM_Core_Page {
$addressItem = (array) $addressItemRow['Row'];
$addressLineArray[] = $addressItem['@attributes']['Company'];
$addressLineArray[] = $addressItem['@attributes']['DeliveryPointSuffix'];
$addressLineArray[] = $addressItem['@attributes']['BuildingName'];
$addressLineArray[] = $addressItem['@attributes']['BuildingNumber'];
$addressLineArray[] = $addressItem['@attributes']['PrimaryStreet'];
$addressLineArray = array_filter($addressLineArray);
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