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Release 3.4

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## Unrleased yet.
## Release 3.4
This release adds unit tests, fixes multiple issues, improves documentation and adds a field "Given Date" to the declaration.
* Update empty address when updating declaration
* Add date declaration was given, as well as the start date. (Currently
defaults to the same.)
* Fix bug when recording a not-eligible declaration and a future
is-eligible declaration exists.
* Fix #3 - generate correct link for gift aid declaration tab
* Don't create 'Yes, in past 4 years' optionvalue for contributions on install....
* Fix issues with Contribution customfield metadata in installer
* Trigger postInstall hook which is required on install to set revision so upgrader steps are not run
* Followup re gitlab issue #2 - fix problem with shared field name
* Fix license link
* Update documentation
* Fix gitlab issue #2: cannot reinstall after uninstall
* Add eligibility flowchart (graphviz .dot format source)
* Don't worry about calculating gift aid fields twice
* Add unit tests
* fix issue #24 setDeclaration called with missing eligible_for_gift_aid param
* Identify eligibility by line items not contribution financial type. Fixes issue #19
* Fix install wrongly setting table-level default batch; add first two tests
* Improve code readability and avoid duplicated method calls
* Simplify fetching list of entity_ids
## Release 3.3.11
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<author>MJW Consulting, Rich Lott (Artful Robot) Erawat Chamanont, Jamie Novick, Guanhuan Chen, Robin Mitra</author>
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