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Release 3.4.3

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## Information
Releases use the following numbering system:
* major: Major refactoring or rewrite - make sure you read and test very carefully!
* minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
* incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should *always* be safe to upgrade.
* **[BC]**: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.
## Release 3.4.3
* Fix [#9]( Fix contributions marked not-eligible when line items missing
## Release 3.4.2
* Fix [#4]( - Individual donation marked as "NO" from backend, gets included in batch.
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<author>MJW Consulting, Rich Lott (Artful Robot) Erawat Chamanont, Jamie Novick, Guanhuan Chen, Robin Mitra</author>
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