Release 6.1

This release fixes a number of bugs/issues identified after the release of 6.0.

Upgrade Advice

IMPORTANT! If upgrading to 6.x for the first time make sure you install the mjwshared extension BEFORE you upgrade Stripe.

This release requires an upgrade to version 0.4 of the MJWShared extension.

ALL users of 6.0 should upgrade to this release.

If upgrading to 6.x for the first time, please upgrade directly to 6.1 (do not install 6.0 first).


  • Support cards that do not request a postal/zip code (fixes #80).
  • Enable payments on backend (*fixes #79).
  • Resolve multiple issues with "more than one" payment processor on the form and stripe failing to submit if it wasn't the first to be selected:
    • Fix issue when script is reloaded by changes of payment processors.
    • Improve handling for multiple processors and pay later.
    • Make sure we clear the paymentIntentID from the session once we've used it (this prevents a browser refresh trying to use an already captured paymentIntent).