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* minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
* incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should *always* be safe to upgrade.
## Release 6.5 - not yet released
## Release 6.5 - not yet released (2020-07-18)
**This release REQUIRES that you upgrade mjwshared to 0.9**
* Implement [#199](
* Support future recurring start date on backend forms
* Add support for selecting and creating subscriptions with future start date on frontend forms
* Allow selection of which frequency intervals to enable public recurring start date
* Support future recur start date for memberships on frontend.
* Fix [#221]( Return 200 OK for webhooks that stripe can't match to CiviCRM. Look for contribution using subscription_id for future recurring start date
* Map customer to contact ID in IPN
* Handle invoice.paid, invoice.finalized IPN events - we now create the new contribution once we receive the invoice.finalized event. It will then be transitioned to Completed by invoice.paid/invoice.payment_succeeded
* Record refund against the already recorded payment in CiviCRM so we update financial items correctly
* API3 Stripe.Listevents [!117]( Provide additional information about stripe events.
* Fix PHP notice when a checking for an extension dependency that is not yet downloaded or installed.
* If a contribution status is `Failed` and it later receives a successful payment notification it is updated from `Failed` to `Completed`.
* Add system check for 'Is separate membership payment' on contribution pages which is not supported by the Stripe extension
* Fix PHP notices:
* When a checking for an extension dependency that is not yet downloaded or installed.
* When checking for recur frequency on billing form.
* IPN Code:
* Pass json string to IPN class for decoding instead of decoding before passing
* handlePaymentNotification should not be a static function.
## Release 6.4.2
* Fix [#210]( If there are multiple reCaptcha on the page check and validate the one on the Stripe billing form only.
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<author>Matthew Wire (MJW Consulting)</author>
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