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......@@ -9,6 +9,16 @@ When you create a recurring contribution in CiviCRM using the Stripe payment pro
!!! tip "If you are using recurring contributions make sure you have webhooks configured correctly"
See [Webhooks](
## Starting a Recurring contribution in the future
If you would like your users to be able to specify a future recurring start date you can enable
`Enable public selection of future recurring start dates` in *Administer->CiviContribute->Stripe Settings*.
![future recur settings](images/settings_futurerecur.png)
Then your users will see an option to select a start date for the contribution:
![contribution page future recur start date](images/contribution_futurerecur.png)
## Cancelling Recurring Contributions
You can cancel a recurring contribution from the Stripe Dashboard or from within CiviCRM.
......@@ -9,6 +9,17 @@ Where:
* minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
* incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should *always* be safe to upgrade.
## Release 6.5 - not yet released
**This release REQUIRES that you upgrade mjwshared to 0.9**
* Implement [#199](
* Support future recurring start date on backend forms
* Add support for selecting and creating subscriptions with future start date on frontend forms
* Fix [#221]( Return 200 OK for webhooks that stripe can't match to CiviCRM. Look for contribution using subscription_id for future recurring start date
* Map customer to contact ID in IPN
* Handle invoice.paid, invoice.finalized IPN events - we now create the new contribution once we receive the invoice.finalized event. It will then be transitioned to Completed by invoice.paid/invoice.payment_succeeded
* Record refund against the already recorded payment in CiviCRM so we update financial items correctly
## Release 6.4.2
* Fix [#210]( If there are multiple reCaptcha on the page check and validate the one on the Stripe billing form only.
# Roadmap of planned features
This roadmap may not always be up to date but gives an idea of what is planned and where funding/support is required.
## Automatic import of subscriptions / payments
If we already have the Stripe customer in CiviCRM we can import subscriptions and one-off contributions that were
created outside of CiviCRM (eg. via WooCommerce, Stripe Dashboard).
### Specification
1. Add a setting to control whether import should happen automatically.
2. Update Stripe IPN code to automatically create:
- A recurring contribution when an unknown Stripe subscription ID is received.
- A contribution linked to a recurring contribution when an unknown invoice ID is received.
- A contribution when an unknown charge ID is received (that does not have an associated invoice ID).
- A payment linked to a contribution via charge ID / invoice ID.
### Estimate
This would require funding for approximately 12 hours work.
## UI to map customers to CiviCRM contacts
Based on the existing `Stripe.Importcustomers` API we can build a UI in CiviCRM that allows to manually
confirm and map Stripe customer IDs to CiviCRM contacts.
### Specification
1. Build a UI that lists Stripe customers which do not exist in CiviCRM.
2. Provide options to:
- Confirm the auto-detected mapping.
- Manually find and map contact.
- Import all missing subscriptions/contributions for customer (up to certain date?).
### Estimate
This would require funding for approximately 16 hours work.
## Stripe Connect
## Payment Requests (Google / Apple Pay)
## Stripe ACH/EFT
## Card on File
Stripe supports saving cards and other payment methods. These can be retrieved, re-used and updated.
We would like to provide support for re-using saved cards in CiviCRM.
### Specification
1. Develop a method to deduplicate payment methods (see eg.
Cards are duplicated by default and we need to clean this up before we can provide a UI to retrieve cards in CiviCRM.
2. Build a UI to allow for selection of cards to use for making payment.
3. Integrate card-selection UI into payment flow (so for example a form validation failure will remember the card you just entered and verified).
### Estimate
This would require funding for approximately 24 hours work.
# Webhooks
## Overview
If you are using recurring contributions with Stripe you **MUST** setup a webhook and check that it is working. Otherwise contributions will never be marked "Completed".
Stripe webhooks allow for CiviCRM to be notified of changes in payment status and new payments.
If you are not using recurring contributions the webhook, if available, will update contributions if they are refunded / cancelled / failed.
If the webhooks are not working CiviCRM will not be able to update the status of payments and recurring contributions.
## Configuring Webhooks
From version 5.4.1 the extension manages / creates the webhooks. A system check is run to verify if the webhooks are created and have the correct parameters. If not a *Wizard* is provided to create them for you.
The extension manages / creates the webhooks. A system check is run to verify if the webhooks are created and have the correct parameters. If not a *Wizard* is provided to create them for you.
To check if webhooks are configured correctly login to your Stripe Dashboard and look at **Developers > Webhooks**
## Notifications
Stripe notifies CiviCRM in the following circumstances:
......@@ -22,3 +22,19 @@ Stripe notifies CiviCRM in the following circumstances:
* An invoice payment fails.
* A subscription is cancelled.
* A subscription is updated.
## Unknown events
If CiviCRM receives an event with information it cannot match with an entity in CiviCRM:
- customer ID => CiviCRM contact.
- subscription ID => CiviCRM recurring contribution.
- invoice ID / charge ID => CiviCRM contribution.
The webhook will return `200 OK` and Stripe will assume it was handled successfully. This allows
for the Stripe account to be used with multiple clients (eg. CiviCRM, WooCommerce, Stripe Dashboard etc.)
without triggering webhook errors.
You can enable `Enable Stripe IPN (Webhook) debugging?` in *Administer->CiviContribute->Stripe Settings*
if you would like to see these events in the CiviCRM logs.
Also see [Automatic import of subscriptions / payments]( on the roadmap if you'd like to see this improved.
......@@ -30,3 +30,4 @@ nav:
- Hooks:
- Testing:
- Release Notes:
- Roadmap:
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