Commit db4003ae authored by cividesk's avatar cividesk
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Fix campaign setting

parent 1580c4c0
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ class CRM_Sparkpost {
'sparkpost_useBackupMailer' => false,
// Merge the settings defined in DB (no more groups in 4.7, so has to be one by one ...)
foreach (array('sparkpost_apiKey', 'sparkpost_useBackupMailer', 'sparkpost_domain', 'sparkpost_ipPool') as $name) {
foreach (array('sparkpost_apiKey', 'sparkpost_useBackupMailer', 'sparkpost_campaign', 'sparkpost_ipPool') as $name) {
$value = CRM_Core_BAO_Setting::getItem(CRM_Sparkpost::SPARKPOST_EXTENSION_SETTINGS, $name);
if (!is_null($value)) {
$settings[$name] = $value;
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