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......@@ -9,6 +9,11 @@ Releases use the following numbering system:
* **[BC]**: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.
## Release 1.0 (not yet released 2021-03-25)
* Add PaymentprocessorWebhook entity, API and scheduled job that allows for queueing and scheduling of webhooks - see [Webhook Queue](
* Fully remove support for CiviCRM older than 5.28.
## Release 0.9.12
* Fix [#7]( Parse through thousands separators in calculateTaxAmount.
# Webhook Queue
Payment processors can generate a lot of webhooks. They can arrive simultaneously and out of order.
This extension provides a webhook queueing and scheduled execution using the `PaymentprocessorWebhook` entity.
To use this functionality you must add support to your Payment Processor.
## PaymentprocessorWebhook
The table `civicrm_paymentprocessor_webhook` records each incoming webhook along with information required to process it and a status.
#### Processing status
* \<empty\>: The webhook has been received but not yet processed.
* error: The webhook has been processed but there was an error.
* success: The webhook has been processed successfully.
* processing: The webhook is currently being processed by the API3 `Job.process_paymentprocessor_webhooks` (scheduled job).
### Querying the webhook table
Use the API4 `PaymentprocessorWebhook` entity.
### Implementing in your payment processor
Currently it is only implemented for Stripe and `civicrm_api3_job_process_paymentprocessor_webhooks` function
would need to be modified to call the appropriate API method for that processor instead of `Stripe.Ipn`. The
intention is to support `Ipn` API for any supported processor.
This is the paymentprocessor function that receives the webhook:
public function handlePaymentNotification() {
$rawData = file_get_contents("php://input");
$ipnClass = new CRM_Core_Payment_StripeIPN($rawData);
if ($ipnClass->onReceiveWebhook()) {
This is the paymentprocessor function that is used to manually process a webhook and is called from API3 `Stripe.Ipn`:
public static function processPaymentNotification($paymentProcessorID, $rawData, $verifyRequest = TRUE, $emailReceipt = NULL) {
$_GET['processor_id'] = $paymentProcessorID;
$ipnClass = new CRM_Core_Payment_StripeIPN($rawData, $verifyRequest);
if (isset($emailReceipt)) {
return $ipnClass->processWebhook();
In your IPN code instead of using a `main()` method create two functions:
* `onReceiveWebhook()`: Triggered whenever a webhook is received. Use this to record the webhook.
* `processWebhook()`: This is the method that actually processes the webhook and may be called immediately or via the scheduled job.
* Get a unique identifier string based on webhook data.
* @return string
private function getWebhookUniqueIdentifier() {
return "{$this->charge_id}:{$this->invoice_id}:{$this->subscription_id}";
* When CiviCRM receives a Stripe webhook call this method (via handlePaymentNotification()).
* This checks the webhook and either queues or triggers processing (depending on existing webhooks in queue)
* @return bool
* @throws \CRM_Core_Exception
* @throws \CiviCRM_API3_Exception
* @throws \Stripe\Exception\UnknownApiErrorException
public function onReceiveWebhook() {
if (!in_array($this->eventType, CRM_Stripe_Webhook::getDefaultEnabledEvents())) {
// We don't handle this event, return 200 OK so Stripe does not retry.
return TRUE;
$uniqueIdentifier = $this->getWebhookUniqueIdentifier();
// Get all received webhooks with matching identifier which have not been processed
// This returns all webhooks that match the uniqueIdentifier above and have not been processed.
// For example this would match both invoice.finalized and invoice.payment_succeeded events which must be
// processed sequentially and not simultaneously.
$paymentProcessorWebhooks = \Civi\Api4\PaymentprocessorWebhook::get()
->setCheckPermissions(FALSE) // Replace with ::update(FALSE) when minversion = 5.29
->addWhere('payment_processor_id', '=', $this->_paymentProcessor->getID())
->addWhere('identifier', '=', $uniqueIdentifier)
->addWhere('processed_date', 'IS NULL')
$processWebhook = FALSE;
if (empty($paymentProcessorWebhooks->rowCount)) {
// We have not received this webhook before. Record and process it.
$processWebhook = TRUE;
else {
// We have one or more webhooks with matching identifier
/** @var \CRM_Mjwshared_BAO_PaymentprocessorWebhook $paymentProcessorWebhook */
foreach ($paymentProcessorWebhooks as $paymentProcessorWebhook) {
// Does the eventType match our webhook?
if ($paymentProcessorWebhook->trigger === $this->eventType) {
// Yes, We have already recorded this webhook and it is awaiting processing.
// Exit
return TRUE;
// We have recorded another webhook with matching identifier but different eventType.
// There is already a recorded webhook with matching identifier that has not yet been processed.
// So we will record this webhook but will not process now (it will be processed later by the scheduled job).
->setCheckPermissions(FALSE) // Replace with ::update(FALSE) when minversion = 5.29
->addValue('payment_processor_id', $this->_paymentProcessor->getID())
->addValue('trigger', $this->eventType)
->addValue('identifier', $uniqueIdentifier)
->addValue('event_id', $this->event_id)
if (!$processWebhook) {
return TRUE;
return $this->processWebhook();
* Process the given webhook
* @return bool
* @throws \API_Exception
* @throws \Civi\API\Exception\UnauthorizedException
public function processWebhook() {
try {
$success = $this->processEventType();
catch (Exception $e) {
$success = FALSE;
\Civi::log()->error('StripeIPN: processWebhook failed. ' . $e->getMessage());
$uniqueIdentifier = $this->getWebhookUniqueIdentifier();
// Record that we have processed this webhook (success or error)
// If for some reason we ended up with multiple webhooks with the same identifier and same eventType this would
// update all of them as "processed". That is ok because we don't need to process the "same" webhook multiple
// times. Even if they have different event IDs but the same identifier/eventType.
->setCheckPermissions(FALSE) // Replace with ::update(FALSE) when minversion = 5.29
->addWhere('identifier', '=', $uniqueIdentifier)
->addWhere('trigger', '=', $this->eventType)
->addValue('status', $success ? 'success' : 'error')
->addValue('processed_date', 'now')
return $success;
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- Release Notes:
- API:
- Refund UI:
- Release Notes:
- Webhook Queue:
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