Commit 38368a3b authored by elilisseck's avatar elilisseck
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issues/10 replace .prop() with .attr() when selecting BillingFormID

parent 398ffbad
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@
getBillingForm: function() {
// If we have a billing form on the page with our processor
var billingFormID = $('div#crm-payment-js-billing-form-container').closest('form').prop('id');
var billingFormID = $('div#crm-payment-js-billing-form-container').closest('form').attr('id');
if ((typeof billingFormID === 'undefined') || (!billingFormID.length)) {
// If we have multiple payment processors to select and we are not currently loaded
billingFormID = $('input[name=hidden_processor]').closest('form').prop('id');
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