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# CiviCRM MessageMedia SMS Extension
> MessageMedia Account
You will need an account with MessageMedia to use this plugin. You can join MessageMedia with discounted pricing via this link:
Once logged into MessageMedia dashboard, navigate to:
Configuration -> API Settings -> Basic Authentication
Click create new key
Call the new API key "CiviCRM".
Copy the api_key and api_secret. Once the window is closed, these keys will no longer be visible in the MessageMedia web site. If you lose these keys, you'll need to re-generate them. These keys will be pasted in CiviCRM when setting up the SMS gateway.
They will be in the format:
api_key = xxxxxx
api_secret = xxxxxx
> CiviCRM Extension Setup
When logged into CiviCRM as an Administrator, navigate to: Administrator -> System Settings -> SMS Providers.
Click to add a new SMS Provider.
Enter the details as follows:
Name: Message Media
Title: Message Media
Username = api_key
Password= api_secret
API Type: http
API Parameters:
Is this provider active?: True
Is this a default provider?: True (Assumes not using another SMS extension)
If using a dedicated number to send an SMS, enter the number in the API parameters in a single line:
That's it! The extension is installed and configured.
> Testing an SMS
Load an existing contact record in CiviCRM, and ensure the contact has a phone number (mobile) entered.
From the actions menu, select "Outbound SMS".
Complete the "Name The SMS" (this is not sent to the contact), and enter the "SMS Message". The message content will be sent to the contact. Select "Send SMS" when ready to send.
If the SMS was sent successfully, a confirmation message will be displayed. A CiviCRM activity will also be created to track the SMS send activity.
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