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Merge pull request #30 from coopsymbiotic/fixTypo

Fix a typo for the lineItem tax_amount
parents 3ce5e2e0 455a802d
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ function lineitemedit_civicrm_pre($op, $entity, $entityID, &$params) {
'line_total' => CRM_Utils_Rule::cleanMoney($lineItem['line_total']),
'price_field_value_id' => $lineItem['price_field_value_id'],
'financial_type_id' => $lineItem['financial_type_id'],
'tax_amount' => CRM_Utils_Array::value('tax_amount', $lineitem),
'tax_amount' => CRM_Utils_Array::value('tax_amount', $lineItem),
$newLineItem[] = civicrm_api3('LineItem', 'create', $newLineItemParams)['id'];
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