Commit d2ac58df authored by Monish Deb's avatar Monish Deb
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minor fix

parent c6964eda
......@@ -926,12 +926,6 @@ ORDER BY, pf.weight ;
$form->assign('taxEnabled', (!empty($contributeSettings['invoicing'])));
$form->assign('taxRates', json_encode(CRM_Core_PseudoConstant::getTaxRates()));
$form->assign('lineItemSubmitted', json_encode($submittedValues));
$form->assign('currency', CRM_Core_DAO::getFieldValue(
($contributionID ? CRM_Core_DAO::getFieldValue('CRM_Contribute_DAO_Contribution', $contributionID, 'currency') : CRM_Core_Config::singleton()->defaultCurrency),
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