Changes in this version:

  • Reduce timeout for changing "Pending" recurring contributions to "Failed" from 24 hours to 0.66 hours. See issue #76 You can still override this as a parameter, should you wish.

  • developers: fixed problem getting and setting the processor ID in import script. Thanks @jmdh for this. Also, there's been a massive refactor of the import script.

  • Use supplemental_address_1 and 2 when prefilling GC address fields. Thanks @TomCranshaw

  • Implement new doCancelRecurring and support payment propertyBag, needed in recent core versions. Thanks @mattwire

  • Exclude guzzle dependency of the GoCardless library: CiviCRM core already provides guzzle 6, so this extension bringing it in as well is not needed or helpful.

  • New docs!

  • Move to standard webhook URLs (old one still supported for now) and new helper page (Administer » CiviContribute » GoCardless Webhooks) to spell out the correct URLs to use.

Remember to download one of the following and NOT The source code

  • uk.artfulrobot.civicrm.gocardless-1.9.3.tgz