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Updated and added the legacy dependency to the known issues.

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# Version 1.42 (not yet released)
* !101 Fix upgrade crash when upgrading to 5.41.0
* Documented adding dataprocessors to your extension.
* Ability to return multi-valued field as an array.
......@@ -49,3 +49,8 @@ And then press install in the Administer --> System Settings --> Extensions scr
To get more information about each fields in DataProcessor. A CiviTutorial has been created, to view tutorial install CiviTutorial Extension.
To Install CiviTutorial in the Administer --> System Settings --> Extensions screen. (Found in Add New)
## Known Issues
* From civicrm 5.41.0 and up the extension `legacycustomsearches` must be enabled. This is a core supplied extension, so there is no need for download.
Enable it in the Administer --> System Settings --> Extensions screen, or use `cv en legacycustomsearches`.
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