Commit fbd2d306 authored by Kurund Jalmi's avatar Kurund Jalmi
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fixed discount calculation for quick config price sets

parent c92b7272
......@@ -389,8 +389,7 @@ function cividiscount_civicrm_buildAmount($pagetype, &$form, &$amounts) {
$priceSetInfo = CRM_CiviDiscount_Utils::getPriceSetsInfo($psid);
if ($pagetype == 'event') {
// Do nothing, we already have the list of discountable price set items for this event
// as $discounts[$key]['pricesets'] from _cividiscount_get_candidate_discounts(); above
$discounts[$key]['pricesets'] = array_combine(array_keys($priceSetInfo), array_keys($priceSetInfo));
else {
if (empty($discounts[$key]['pricesets'])) {
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