Commit 3bb6ec24 authored by lobo's avatar lobo
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change some class names to match Civi v4.4

parent 45aac0cf
......@@ -125,8 +125,20 @@ ORDER BY pf_label, pfv.price_field_id, pfv.weight
* @return boolean true is it is quickconfig else false
static function checkForQuickConfigPriceSet($priceSetId) {
if (CRM_Core_DAO::getFieldValue('CRM_Price_DAO_Set', $priceSetId, 'is_quick_config')) {
return true;
if (
) >= 0
) {
if (CRM_Core_DAO::getFieldValue('CRM_Price_DAO_PriceSet', $priceSetId, 'is_quick_config')) {
return true;
else {
if (CRM_Core_DAO::getFieldValue('CRM_Price_DAO_Set', $priceSetId, 'is_quick_config')) {
return true;
return false;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<extension key="org.civicrm.module.cividiscount" type="module">
<name>CiviDiscount Module Extension</name>
<description>This module requires PHP v5.3+ and Civi v4.3.7+</description>
<description>This module requires PHP v5.3+ and Civi v4.4+</description>
<url desc="Main Extension Page">
......@@ -21,11 +21,11 @@
<author>CiviCRM LLC</author>
For support, please contact the team on the forums. (
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