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Fix install/uninstall in hooktest

See merge request !154
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use Civi\Test\HeadlessInterface;
* Tips:
* - With HookInterface, you may implement CiviCRM hooks directly in the test class.
* Simply create corresponding functions (e.g. "hook_civicrm_post(...)" or similar).
* - With TransactionalInterface, any data changes made by setUp() or test****() functions will
* rollback automatically -- as long as you don't manipulate schema or truncate tables.
* If this test needs to manipulate schema or truncate tables, then either:
* a. Do all that using setupHeadless() and Civi\Test.
* b. Disable TransactionalInterface, and handle all setup/teardown yourself.
* @group headless
class CRM_Cdntaxreceipts_HookTest extends \CiviUnitTestCase implements HeadlessInterface {
public function setUpHeadless() {
// Civi\Test has many helpers, like install(), uninstall(), sql(), and sqlFile().
// See:
return \Civi\Test::headless()
class CRM_Cdntaxreceipts_HookTest extends CRM_Cdntaxreceipts_Base {
* Test eligibleAmount
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