Commit 4b019dc6 authored by KarinG's avatar KarinG
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Merge branch 'retval' into 'master'

[NFC] Add comment to clarify the return value for hook_writeReceipt

See merge request !139
parents daae63f8 205ea219
......@@ -311,6 +311,10 @@ function _cdntaxreceipts_writePage(&$f, $pdf_variables, $receipt) {
// If there's a custom function to write the page, invoke it.
// Otherwise, provide a default receipt format.
// return array(TRUE) from the hook if you are completely replacing the
// default implementation, otherwise return anything that isn't an array
// if you want the default implementation to still write after yours.
// Note: if hook_cdntaxreceipts_writeReceipt is implemented in more than one active
// module/extension, the receipt will get written into the PDF file multiple
// times. It's one peril of using the hook system here. Implementers will need to catch
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