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Release 2.2-beta1

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## Release 2.2 (Not yet released 2020-08-13)
**Requires mjwshared (Payment Shared) 0.9.**
* Multiple fixes to contribution/transaction matching and repeat transactions.
* Update mjwshared requirement to 0.9.
* Implement new method for retrying IPN notifications using Mjwpayment.notificationretry.
* Handle (ignore) silentpost notifications (log that one was received) and clarify in docs.
* Update authnetjson library to 4.1.1.
* Fix [!6]( Don't check webhooks if 'API Login ID' (user_name) is empty.
* Fix [#8]( Don't set recurring contribution status when creating initial payment - let CiviCRM handle it.
* Fix [#12]( one-off payments not completed.
## Release 2.1.2
* System Checks: Add payment processor title for API key errors
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<author>Matthew Wire</author>
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