Commit 410a9b58 authored by mattwire's avatar mattwire
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Merge branch 'pending-fraud' into 'master'

fix payments held by fraud detection suite then approved

See merge request !11
parents d69d7543 c8226284
......@@ -195,7 +195,8 @@ class CRM_Core_Payment_AuthNetIPN {
'trxn_id' => $this->getParamFromResponse($response, 'transaction_id'),
'order_reference' => $this->getParamFromResponse($response, 'invoice_id'),
'trxn_date' => $this->event_date,
'contribution_status_id' => $contribution['contribution_status_id']
'contribution_status_id' => $contribution['contribution_status_id'],
'total_amount' => $this->getParamFromResponse($response, 'total_amount'),
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