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## Usage
Get it installed, then head to **Administer » System Settings » Action
1. Get it installed,
2. then give your admin users the new "Administer Action
Links Extension" permission.
3. Then head over to **Administer » System Settings » Action Links**
### Create your first action link.
......@@ -47,12 +51,17 @@ Here you can add your first action link. The edit screen is shown in the
screnshot above.
- *Name*: used for the administrative interface only.
- *Description*: same
- *Active*: if un-checked users of the link will get the denied/fallback URL
- *Link URL*: the web address to the page/resource you want to redirect
people to.
- *Fallback URL (if denied)*: the web address to redirect people to if
they're not alowed the link for any reason.
- *Form Processor*: if you have the Form Processor extension, you can pick
a form processor to call. This gives you all the logic that extension
provides, e.g. creating activities, adding to groups. If you choose one
......@@ -65,11 +74,15 @@ screnshot above.
(programmatically) add Form Processor input params to the links
generated. You can't overwrite a configured input, and you can't
provide a parameter that is not an allowed/expected input.
- *Max uses*: the max times the link can be used by anyone. (probably not
that useful)
- *Max number of unique contacts who can use this.* e.g. "First 10 people to
click this get a voucher for a free pie.".
- *Number of times each contact is allowed to use this link*.
- *When to stop allowing access*.
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<url desc="Licensing"></url>
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