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...@@ -100,3 +100,28 @@ cv api4 ActionLink.getLink '{"actionLinkID":1, "contactIDs":[1, 2, 3]}' ...@@ -100,3 +100,28 @@ cv api4 ActionLink.getLink '{"actionLinkID":1, "contactIDs":[1, 2, 3]}'
Please use the [issue Please use the [issue
queue]( or contact queue]( or contact
me (@artfulrobot) on []( me (@artfulrobot) on [](
## Tokens
There's 2 types of token available and I'm not exactly sure when to use
each. (If you can clarify, please do a PR!)
There's the old skool way, which you can use in Message Templates for
example. You should enter tokens like:
Hey, click this: {actionlink.1}
where `1` is the Action Link ID.
And there's the new way using TokenProcessor, for which you need to write
tokens like this:
Hey, click this: {contact.actionLink1}
(note the camelCase in this instance. This is just to keep you on your
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