Commit c41b81aa authored by andy gu's avatar andy gu

full joblog url set

parent ee40c7d3
......@@ -96,10 +96,10 @@
<p>Sync type: 2-way sync</p>
<p>Import Job ID: {$job.id_import}</p>
<p>Joblog: {$job.id_import_log}</p>
<a href="civicrm/admin/joblog?jid={$job.id_import}">View full Job log here</a>
<a href="/civicrm/admin/joblog?jid={$job.id_import}&reset=1">View full Job log here</a>
<p>Export Job ID: {$job.id_export}</p>
<p>Joblog: {$job.id_export_log}</p>
<a href="civicrm/admin/joblog?jid={$job.id_export}">View full Job log here</a>
<a href="/civicrm/admin/joblog?jid={$job.id_export}&reset=1">View full Job log here</a>
<p>Group: {$job.group_id}, Name: {$job.group_name}</p>
<p>Rule: {$job.rule_id}, Fields: {$job.rule_fields}</p>
<button id="edit_{$}" name="{$job.id_import}_{$job.id_export}">edit</button>
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