Commit 408fa155 authored by everykittysdaydream's avatar everykittysdaydream

mapping help

parent 36299403
......@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@
<button id="edit_{$}" name="{$job.id_import}_{$job.id_export}">edit</button>
<button id="delete_{$}" name="{$job.id_import}_{$job.id_export}">delete</button>
<button id="mapping_{$job.endpointname}" name="mapping_{$job.endpointname}">edit mapping</button>
<a class="helpicon" title="Group ID Help" onclick='"mapping", "This will allow you to edit the mappings for your sync from CiviCRM fields to OSDI fields."); return false;'></a>
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