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### Installation
# Installation
In order to install the app, simply put this code in the root of the extensions directory. Doing this requires access to your server's command line console. If you do not have access, please ask your provider / partners for more information. If you do have command line access, navigate to the directory where all your CiviCRM extensions sit and run the command:
......@@ -163,3 +163,14 @@ You can find it at `/civicrm/osdi/response?object=contact`. This is currently
still in alpha, but it allows users to page through all users with emails,
first, and last names. I suppose everything here is in alpha, but this endpoint
is currently in even more alpha than the above task.
## Extending CiviCRM OSDI
To support further extractors, there are a few important steps.
- Ensure your new extractor is OSDI compliant
- Add a new Importer in the `importers/` directory
- Edit the export functionality in the `Exporter.Bulk` API
- Edit the import functionality in the `Importer.Import` API
- Edit the import functionality in the `CRM/OSDIQueue/Tasks` if your endpoint is managing different groups with the same URL, like actionnetwork
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