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## Open Supporter Data Integration
Themes: Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Graph Analysis
Themes: Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Graph Analysis, Integration, Usability, Extension
Potential Mentors: kurund (Primary) , Joe Murray (JMA Consulting), Xavier
Themes: Integration, Usability, Extension
Potential Mentor: Joe McLaughlin (Primary), and potentially Jason Rosenbaum (OSDI
org mentor), - Joe McLaughlin will determine the possibility of any or all of these
folks being available
Potential Mentors: Kurund Jalmi (Primary), Joe McLaughlin (Primary), Jason Rosenbaum (, Joe Murray (JMA Consulting), xavier dutoit
This project will continue work towards a beta CiviCRM extension that will allow CiviCRM to implement the Open
Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) API. See .
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