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......@@ -9,20 +9,21 @@ GSoC students are free to propose projects that are not on this list, but will n
find a qualified mentor for the project.
## Improve multi-lingual scalability
Themes: Translation, Internationalisation, Database architecture
Potential Mentor: Mathieu Lutfy (primary), Xavier Dutoit (for client testing)
When organisations operate in multiple languages and have public-facing forms available in multiple languages,
CiviCRM has to be switched to "multi-lingual mode". This makes it possible to translate custom field labels,
contribution page titles, etc, into more than one language. However, the current database model is made in a
way that only makes it possible to use up to 3 languages. We are looking to change the database model to a
more scalable one.
Technically, the current database model uses one big table per entity, with an extra column for each language
(ex: civicrm_contribute.title_en_US). A MySQL "view" is then created to simplify database queries
(civicrm_contribute_en_US.title). The model needs to be flipped around: an extra table for each language. We
also need to provide an upgrade mechanism for existing sites.
## Pluggable data export formats for reports
Potential Mentor: Mathieu Lutfy (Coop SymbioTIC)
CiviCRM currently supports exporting reports to CSV and PDF format. Some
extensions make it possible to export to other formats, such as for exporting to
Excel (xlsx), but they have to implement odd hacks to get around the lack of
pluggable data export formats in CiviCRM.
This project would therefore aim to provide a clean set of 'hooks' so that
extensions can support other export formats. It would also aim to propose
changes to some of the extensions, to provide examples. Since this is a change
to CiviCRM's core, it would require writing a unit test, documentation and
interacting with other developers to gather other potential use-cases for this
## Mosaico for transactional emails
Themes: UI, responsive html5
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