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Add Fraud detection,

indicate that a specific proposal is well underway as it would not be a good use
of another prospective student's time to follow this one up.
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......@@ -192,6 +192,15 @@ This project will provide an interface for an end user to draw an area on a map
is inside the drawn area. The query should be saveable as a "smart group". Ideally, the tool can query third-party
data sources (like Google Maps) to pre-draw shapes based on existing municipal/political boundaries.
## Fraud Detection
Themes: Machine Learning
Potential Mentor: Eileen McNaughton, Adam Wight
Project is to develop an automated fraud detection system that integrates with CiviCRM and learns from site specific data.
This is a proposal developed in conjunction with a prospective GSOC student and the Wikimedia Foundation and
a proposal has been submitted
## Activity Cull
Themes: Performance
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