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Added a project for outlook 365 integration

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......@@ -25,6 +25,27 @@ to CiviCRM's core, it would require writing a unit test, documentation and
interacting with other developers to gather other potential use-cases for this
## Outlook 365 plugin to integrate CiviCRM in the outlook addressbook
Potential Mentor: Jaap Jansma (CiviCooP)
The aim of this project is to deliver a plugin for outlook 365 so that users of
outlook 365 can send e-mails to contacts in civicrm. The plugin should do the following at minimum:
* all the contacts in CiviCRM exposed to the outlook address book
* all the groups and the group membership exposed as groups in the outlook address book
* above would be done with the restriction that you can only see the contacts and groups which you are allowed to see when you login into CiviCRM
* outlook address book is read only. Meaning that changes should be made in CiviCRM and become visible in outlook
Additional features could be:
* Acrhive an e-mail into CiviCRM
* Archive an e-mail into a CiviCRM case
* Make the addressbook writeable (meaning updated from outlook go to CiviCRM)
There is also make it happen going on for this same project:
## Mosaico for transactional emails
Themes: UI, responsive html5
Potential Mentors :
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