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Added Improved Accessibility project

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......@@ -129,3 +129,13 @@ technical challenges that are keeping CivCRM difficult for RTL languages transla
sending, wizard-type progress bars) and 2) Make progress with the translation to Hebrew and use it as a proof of
concept to ensure goals with the first task are achieved.
## Improved Accessibility
Themes: Usability
Potential Mentor: Joe Murray, Monish Deb, someone from fluid-tech
This project will tackle some aspect of making CiviCRM more standards-compliant for accessibility. We have assistance
from Rachael Olivero at the National Institute for the Blind in identifying and prioritizing work
( The WordPress community has created a more accessible seelct2 widget,
but did not provide tools that would help migrate from the old one, leaving us with a bunch of work
( Working on the menu might be a smaller, more do-able GSoC sized project
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