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......@@ -8,20 +8,79 @@ These are notes from a meeting of the CiviCRM [Documentation Working Group](http
See our [meeting time pattern](../
## Agenda
* Review User Guide Remote Sprint
* Plan a timeline for migrating docs editing workflow to GitLab
## Attending
* Sean, Joanne, Don, Seamus
## User Guide sprint re-cap
* General thoughts
* slow build up but really got going
* Joanne - started and stopped becaues wanted to get local editing in place
* Great participation from other people
* multi-day worked really well!
* what type of participants did we have have -- mostly developers
* ways to improve
* More reminders, leading up to the sprint
* mentoring hours - didn't really get used. Maybe have more structures in place to give people help getting up to speed *before* the sprint?
* should we do a re-cap survey? Google form? Seamus perhaps interested in setting this up.
## GitLab
* Now that the core team is planning to move major things like issue-tracking to GitLab, should we move the docs guides to GitLab?
* Some people sill a little confused about GitLab
* People generally supportive of the idea though.
**Decision: we will move docs guides to GitLab at some point in the future, but the timeline is unknown.**
## Guide organization
### Separating the meta-docs from the Dev Guide
* [Do we want a separate guide for documentation and/or translation?](
* Seamus likes a separate guide for docs
* Joanne wants a separate guide for docs
* Sean and Don are both wary of having too many *repositories* but not so concerned about having too many guides.
I want to specifically address the following questions with this topic:
### What about a "Documentation and Translation" guide
* Should "Documentation" be its own guide, or combined with "Translation"?
* Somewhat separately, I'm interested in the idea of putting all our guides in *one repository* (in subdirectories). If we make more guides, the case becomes stronger for putting them all in the same repository, so I'm curious to explore that topic alongside the topic of splitting the Dev Guide up.
* Should "Documentation" be its own guide, or combined with "Translation"?
* Joanne thinks it's okay to have them together if people are concerned about having too many guides
* Would "Translation" have developer-oriented content about how to write code that lends itself well to translation?
* No, it would just be about translating, and localizing your site
* (time permitting) I'd like to make [this change to our style guide]( to use the terminology "Chapter/Sub-chapter/Page/Section" instead of "Part/??/Chapter/Section".
### What about using a single repository?
* Sean proposes putting all our guides into *one repository* (in subdirectories). This makes it easier to create more guides without adding to the "too many repositories" problem.
* Issue tracking
* This would mean we'd have one issue-tracker for all guides.
* We would probably want to label issues according to which guide they're for.
* Can people who create issues label them?
* No, not in GitHub. But Sean thinks this might be possible in GitLab. Not sure.
* Could we preserve git history?
* Yes. Sean figured out how to do this.
* What about non-english User Guides?
* Probably they would continue to live in separate repositories, like they are now.
* next steps
1. get docs publisher capable of publishing multiple guides from the same repository.
1. migrate docs projecs to GitLab
1. Combine all guides into one project
**Decision: we will move towards having all English guides in one repository, and having the meta-documentation split out into a separate guide from the Developer Guide.** Timeline is unknown for this, as it depends on Sean's free time.
## Style guide
* Sean would like to make [this change to our style guide]( to use the terminology "Chapter/Sub-chapter/Page/Section" instead of "Part/??/Chapter/Section".
* Others agree
## Attending
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
### Scheduled for discussion at the next meeting
* Plan a timeline for migrating docs editing workflow to GitLab
* (nothing yet)
***[:pencil2: Add an agenda item](***
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