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# 2018-03-06 Meeting notes
These are notes from a meeting of the CiviCRM [Documentation Working Group](
## Time
* Starting at 8 pm UTC
See our [meeting time pattern](../
## Attending
* Anne Smale, Sean Madsen, Peter Davis, Richard Carter, Seamus Lee
## Auto generating PDF versions of the User Guide
* Richard wants to read the User Guide in PDF format
* Sean mentions that this request has come up before
* We have a ticket to track this request here:
* Sean put some time into this in the past by using Pandoc to convert Markdown to different formats, but didn't make too much progress. There are some challenges including how to deal with internal hyperlinks.
* Pete wondering what skill are necessary to make progress on this. Maybe someone from Fuzion could devote some time to it.
* Sean suggesting that the skills would involve some PHP, Symfony, CSS, and other troubleshooting skills necessary to figure out what library is best and figure out how to work around problems.
## Videos
* Richard also wondering where to find video-based documentation.
* He has found some videos but they are not that good for his needs because there's too much chit-chatting and it takes too much time to watch them. He wants to find videos that get straight to the point.
* Sean suggesting the [CiviCRM YouTube channel]( and also [CiviTeacher](
## User Guide Sprint
* We chatted a bit about plans for the [User Guide sprint]( coming up. Answered some small questions, etc.
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