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# 2018-02-06 Meeting notes
These are notes from a meeting of the CiviCRM [Documentation Working Group](
## Time
* Starting at 8 pm UTC
See our [meeting time pattern](../
## Attending
* Sean, Seamus, Don, Anne, Eileen
## Planning for a documentation remote sprint
We want to have another remote docs sprint. We did some work at this meeting to plan it.
### Sprint topic
* We will focus on the **User Guide** because it's the guide that has now gone the longest without the type of attention that a sprint would bring.
* Within the User Guide...
* Currently [23 open issues]( We c
* Also, this is probably not reflected in the issue queue, but there are a lot of places in the User Guide that could use additional links, for example internal links to other chapter and also external links to other guides.
* Would be good to create new tickets for tasks as needed
### Schedule
* Will be **March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th**
* This is a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which sounded like a good idea to everyone.
* We'll want to pick a 72 hour block of UTC time that roughly corresponds to these days, but also that doesn't leave AU/NZ stuck with too much weekend time during the sprint.
* Last time we did a remote docs spring we picked one 12-hour period. A number of people planned to participate in the sprint but ended up being busy that day. So we figured that it would be nice to try having a longer time window to see if that makes it easier for folks to plug in.
### Mentoring times
* Within the 72-hour sprint period, we will plan to have many scheduled times where mentors are available to help. Sean will coordinate with active docs participants to see who is willing to be available for these mentoring time windows.
* If you are interested in being a mentor, let Sean know!
* Mentoring will take place via Mattermost and Gotomeeting
### Coordination
* Sean will coordinate the sprint and do the following:
* make a blog post soon about it and get it into the events calendar on
* make a follow-up blog post after the sprint is completed to announce its progress
* make a GitHub milestone for the sprint and use it to track our progress on tickets
* recruit mentors to flesh out a schedule of mentoring times during the sprint
* We'll see if we can make some kind of scoreboard to highlight docs contributors during the spring.
* We'll have another Docs WG meeting before the sprint to iron out more of these plans.
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