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......@@ -8,11 +8,117 @@ These are notes from a meeting of the CiviCRM [Documentation Working Group](http
See our [meeting time pattern](../
## Agenda
* TBD. See our [unscheduled agenda items](../
## Attending
* Don Hirst
* Jon Goldberg
* Matt Wire
* Michael Devery
* Michael McAndrew
* Seamus Lee
* Sean Madsen
* Tim Otten
## Choosing a name for the System Administrator Guide
We reviewed the results of the [emoji poll]( and discussed the top two choices: "System Administrator Guide" vs "Administrator Guide".
* It will be called "System Administrator Guide"
* We will use "sysadmin" and "Sysadmin Guide" as abbreviations where appropriate
Related ticket:
## How can we get the System Administrator Guide started?
* Sean is interested in running a Make It Happen campaign to raise $2k USD to fund his work to migrate sysadmin wiki content into the Sysadmin Guide.
* Support:
* People seemed generally open to the idea but not super excited about it
* Could be a good way to get the guide done quickly
* Concerns:
* Paying people to work on docs would potentially create an environment where people who are *not* paid are less likely to volunteer their time to work on docs.
* Situations could get sticky if Sean is being paid for his work and others want to help out too
* Potential match from the Core Team
* Sean has asked the Core Team if they'd match contributions up to $1k USD so he'd only need to raise $1k USD from community. No official answer yet, but it looks possible.
* Some concern from others at meeting (Michael McAndrew, Seamus) about this option, with the idea that it would be possible (and maybe preferable) to raise all $2k USD from the community
* Maybe we use time during a sprint to build on the Sysadmin Guide
* Support:
* Would fit well within a sprint, conceptually, since it's a new project and all the tooling is already in place so we could hit the ground running
* Concerns:
* We probably wouldn't be able to *finish* it during the sprint
* The actual work (migrating content) isn't very exciting, so sprint attendees might not be interested enough to fully participate
* If we did want to do a MIH campaign, then any work done during a sprint to *partially* build the Sysadmin Guide would would weaken the marketing pitch for the MIH campaign
* We could use time during a sprint to *plan* the sysadmin guide
* we didn't fully discuss this option
* Sean offered a draft outline of the guide that he posted on Mattermost here: post outline to Sysadmin guide:
related ticket:
**No decisions made**
We left this topic open and, for the sake of time, moved on to discuss plans for the London sprint. We will potentially revisit it in the future.
## London sprint - how to focus docs efforts
* What did we learn from the docs work at the St. Louis sprint?
* Sean: lots of time spent training users. There wasn't really a unified focus for the docs part of the sprint. Easier ways to train people and more focus could improve the situation.
* Who among us will be there?
* Seamus, Sean, Tim, Michael McAndrew, Michael Devery, Matt Wire
* Who actually wants to *focus* on docs work during the sprint?
* Seamus: partial
* Tim: maybe
* Sean: undecided
* (Didn't hear from everyone)
Ideas for London:
* Kickstart the Sysadmin Guide by building a portion of it
* Pick an existing guide and focus on one section of it
* Pick one issue queue, such as [Dev Docs issues]( and focus on that
We had some discussion about each option. The issue queue idea garnered the most support.
**Decision:** we will focus on the [Dev Docs issue queue]( for the London sprint.
## Other sprints - how to focus docs efforts generally
This was on the agenda but we didn't really get to it. Tabled until a future meeting.
## Which people are considered "maintainers" of docs repos?
Seamus brought up this question... Generally, how do we know which people hold which responsibilities and privileges for each docs repository?
* From Tim:
* we have a few different models used for different projects throughout CiviCRM:
1. comes from CiviCRM's leadership (but with the addition of some trusted people)
1. autopilot - if 3 ppl support a PR then it can be merged
1. clear leader (e.g. Shoreditch)
* Tim also shared some work he's done recently (still in draft phase) to codify terminology around these types of roles that people hold (e.g "principal", "fellow", etc.).
* Others at the meeting were very interested in Tim's model
* Tim plans to publish this new work within the next week as a "governance" section within the Dev Guide
**No decisions made**
Next steps:
* Tim will publish his work on governance structures
* At a future meeting we will seek decisions which assign people to specific roles for docs projects
## Next meeting
We will meet on [2017-10-03](./
* This is pretty close to the London sprint, but people said that shouldn't pose a scheduling challenge.
* Sean points out that, due to daylight savings time changing, the time will be slightly different in October from other months. Check the UTC time in the [meeting time pattern](../ as the source of truth.
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