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Documentation for action links

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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ It ships as an extension which you can enable on the Extensions screen from 5.29
overhauling existing code. This allows us to demarcate rapidly evolving
code and to keep long-standing code more stable. People can opt into
the extension or not. However, it is maintained as part of core against
the specific release it ships with (as it is closely tied to API v4
the specific release it ships with (as it is closely tied to API v4
## Search components
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ It ships as an extension which you can enable on the Extensions screen from 5.29
There are 3 components to Search Kit: search screen, displays and forms. Depending on what you are doing you may not use all 3.
1. The Search screen (or Compose Search):
This is where the search criteria and available fields are configured.
2. Displays
......@@ -130,6 +130,41 @@ Displays can be customized to make them fit the results better with options like
- custom column headers and styles.
- linking the column result to the entity
- rewriting the column results with custom text or tokens.
- customisable action links
### Action links
There are several ways to create links from a display. Each individual field can have a link associated with it.
In the table below links have been configured both on the fields and as actions.
The contact id has been configured to have a pop up 'edit contact' modal. Note how in row 3 the contact ID is
not a link - this is because the contact does not have permission to edit that contact (the edit link at the
right is missing for the same reason). The display name has been configured to link to 'view the contact' in
a new window (the view contact screen does not look nice in a popup) and the email field will load
a popup to send an email. The same things have also been configured as action links on the right (mostly
for demo purposes).
![Search display links](../img/the-user-interface/search-kit/search-display-links.png)
Note that the right hand buttons also include a 'delete action'. However, this is only visible
to the admin user who has permission to delete contacts.
![Search display admin links](../img/the-user-interface/search-kit/search-display-admin-rights.png)
When configuring a link per field you can choose from the listed drop down ones or construct your
![Search display admin links](../img/the-user-interface/search-kit/per-field-link.png)
If you choose to construct your own you can use another field available to search kit as a parameter
in the url. In this case the email link is using email_id=[] so that the
url will open with the chosen email id.
![Search link with token](../img/the-user-interface/search-kit/token-in-url.png)
The configuration of the search actions is similar. As of 5.47 you can use conditions - such
as only display the send email action if email is not empty
![Condition for link](../img/the-user-interface/search-kit/conditional-link.png)
### URL filtering
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