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On line 3 "Reports" is capitalized to match UI.

On line 6 the names of the report in the UI is "Pledge Detail Report" so I changed it.

On line 10 "Pledged But not Paid" capitalized to match Reports UI. 

On lines 18 - 20 "Pledge Summary Report" is not in the UI this description does not make sense "summarising (Shows up as a typo try "summarizing")  total pledge amounts per, say, city or month." What does that mean? This needs to be changed i'm really not sure how to update it but it is like word salad.  
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# Pledges Reports and Analysis
## Pledge reports
## Pledge Reports
CiviCRM comes with two pledge reports that are useful when analysing
pledges. The **Pledge summary report** includes per contact information
CiviCRM comes with two Pledge Reports that are useful when analysing
pledges. The **Pledge Detail Report** includes per contact information
on amount pledged, pledge status, next payment date, balance due, total
amount paid etc. It is based on the **Pledge Report** template.
The **Pledged but not paid** report lists pledges which are not
The **Pledged But not Paid** report lists pledges which are not
completed and have a due date in the past. The report is based on the
template with the same name.
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