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......@@ -22,17 +22,20 @@ This hook is called when an email is being prepared for sending by CiviCRM.
## Details
- $params array fields include: workflow_name, from, toName, toEmail,
- $params array fields include: workflow, from, toName, toEmail,
subject, cc, bcc, text, html, returnPath, replyTo, headers (array),
attachments (array), and possibly others depending on context.
- `$params` array used to include `valueName` and `groupName`. These
*should not be referenced* as they will stop working in future upgrades
The option groups they referred to are obsolete & will also be phased out.
`workflow` should be checked instead.
- If you want to abort the mail from being sent, set the boolean
abortMailSend to true in the params array
- Note that this hook is called twice when sending a message template, once
early in the message generation (before tokens are applied, with the context
`messageTemplate`) and then later from `CRM_Utils_Mail::send()` with the
context `singleEmail`.
- `valueName` and `groupName` are being phased out of the `$params` as
these no longer have significance in core. `workflow_name` should be checked instead.
- `valueName` and `groupName`
## Adding custom headers to the email
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