Commit 1e9da6a0 authored by Sean Madsen's avatar Sean Madsen

refactor - removing "docs:serve" command

I don't think we need this command because running mkdocs
directly is easy enough.
parent 88e3eb5a
namespace AppBundle\Command;
use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Command\ContainerAwareCommand;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\Table;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputArgument;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputOption;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface;
* Class DocsServeCommand
* @package AppBundle\Command
* This is a dumb wrapper around `mkdocs serve`. It basically just cd's into the
* appropriate folder and then passes-through the args.
class DocsServeCommand extends ContainerAwareCommand {
protected function configure() {
$this->setDescription('Run the builtin docs development server');
$this->addOption('dev-addr', 'a', InputOption::VALUE_OPTIONAL,
'IP address and port to serve documentation');
$this->addOption('strict', 's', InputOption::VALUE_NONE,
'Enable strict mode. This will cause MkDocs to abort the build on any'
. 'warnings.');
$this->addOption('theme', 't', InputOption::VALUE_OPTIONAL,
'The theme to use when building your documentation (e.g. readthedocs)');
$this->addOption('livereload', NULL, InputOption::VALUE_NONE,
'Enable the live reloading in the development server.');
$this->addOption('no-livereload', NULL, InputOption::VALUE_NONE,
'Disable the live reloading in the development server.');
$this->addOption('quiet', 'q', InputOption::VALUE_NONE,
'Silence warnings');
$this->addArgument('[book/lang/[branch]]', InputArgument::REQUIRED,
'A book expression (e.g. "dev/en/master" or "user/fr/4.6"). '
. 'The [book] and [lang] are mandatory. '
. 'If [branch] is specified, it will be checked out.');
protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output) {
if (preg_match(';^(\w+)/(\w+)?$;', $input->getArgument('[book/lang/[branch]]'), $matches)) {
$book = $matches[1];
$lang = $matches[2];
$branch = NULL;
elseif (preg_match(';^(\w+)/(\w+)/(\w+)$;', $input->getArgument('[book/lang/[branch]]'), $matches)) {
$book = $matches[1];
$lang = $matches[2];
$branch = $matches[3];
else {
$output->writeln("<error>Malformed [book/lang/branch]</error>");
return 1;
$repoDir = $this->getContainer()->getParameter('publisher_repos_dir') . "/$book/$lang";
if (file_exists($repoDir)) {
$output->writeln("<info>Found git repo for $book/$lang in \"$repoDir\"</info>");
else {
$output->writeln("<error>Failed to find git repo for $book/$lang in \"$repoDir\".</error>");
$output->writeln("<error>Perhaps you should run \"docs:publish\" first?</error>");
return 1;
$command = 'mkdocs serve';
foreach (array('dev-addr', 'theme') as $option) {
if ($input->getOption($option)) {
$command .= " --{$option} " . escapeshellarg($input->getOption($option));
foreach (array('strict', 'livereload', 'no-livereload', 'quiet') as $option) {
if ($input->getOption($option)) {
$command .= " --{$option}";
if ($branch) {
$output->writeln("<info>Check out branch \"$branch\"</info>");
self::passthruOK($repoDir, "git checkout $branch");
$output->writeln("<info>Launch \"$command\"</info>");
self::passthruOK($repoDir, $command);
protected function passthruOK($newcwd, $command) {
$oldcwd = getcwd();
passthru($command, $return);
if ($return) {
throw new \RuntimeException("Received error from command ($command)");
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