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      Accept any version descriptor when publishing · bf48f932
      Sean Madsen authored
      This makes it possible to publish a book with something like
      if "latest" is a descriptor for the version which points to the
      "master" branch. Previously, you had to specify "master" in order to
      publish. This change makes the publishing process more flexible and
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      refactor - moving "books" directory up to the top · 4fa71ba4
      Sean Madsen authored
       Rationale: books yaml files are not really configuration for the app,
       they're really the source of data for the app, kind of like a database
       would be. I think moving them up to the top level makes for a more
       intuitive place to find these files. Plus, if we want extensions
       maintainers to be adding their own books to the system, this new
       organization scheme makes the process of adding a book yaml file just a
       tad easier for people who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of
       this app.