Commit 2394587e authored by Sean Madsen's avatar Sean Madsen

Add scripts from prod server

These scripts were in the git repo of the production server,
uncommitted. I'm adding them now, but I think they might need some more
thought (or adjustments) before being ready to use.
parent 21208921
## Determine the absolute path of the directory with the file
## usage: absdirname <file-path>
function absdirname() {
pushd $(dirname $0) >> /dev/null
popd >> /dev/null
BINDIR=$(absdirname "$0")
"$BINDIR/console" cache:clear -e dev
"$BINDIR/console" cache:clear -e prod
\ No newline at end of file
find web/static var -exec setfacl -m u:www-data:rwx {} \;
find web/static var -exec setfacl -m u:docs:rwx {} \;
find web/static var -exec setfacl -x u:co {} \;
find web/static var -type d -exec setfacl -m d:u:www-data:rwx {} \;
find web/static var -type d -exec setfacl -m d:u:docs:rwx {} \;
find web/static var -type d -exec setfacl -x d:u:co {} \;
\ No newline at end of file
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