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Immprove language which describes core books

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name: Developer guide
name: Developer Guide
weight: 10
description: For CiviCRM developers
description: For computer programmers who create and improve functionality within CiviCRM
category: Core
name: User guide
name: User Guide
weight: -100
description: Aimed at day to day users of CiviCRM.
description: For staff members who regularly use CiviCRM's web-based interface as part of their job at an organization
category: Core
......@@ -19,11 +19,21 @@
{% include 'AppBundle:Read:book_list.html.twig' with {books: core_books} %}
<p><em>Also, our <b>
<li class="book single_edition">
<a href="">
Administrator Guide</a></b>
(for installing and upgrading CiviCRM)
is still on the wiki. It will be migrated to book format eventually.</em></p>
<span class="name">Administrator Guide</span>
<span class="edition">
(on the wiki, will be migrated to book format eventually)
<div class="description">
For tech savvy people who install, upgrade, and maintain CiviCRM for an organization
<h2>Extensions Books</h2>
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