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      Merge pull request #266 from totten/master-hooktest · d1189a5c
      Seamus Lee authored
      HookTest - Fix execution on PHP 8
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      HookTest - Fix execution on PHP 8 · 35b19c48
      totten authored
      Test fails on PHP 8
      Undefined array key "hook_was_called"
      Test passes
      This is a superficial change - the point of the assertion is to validate the
      starting circumstance (asserting that the hook has not yet run). This is just
      a cleaner assertion that the hook has not yet run.
  11. 20 Dec, 2021 2 commits
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      wp-cli/civicrm.php - Bring forward support for --site_url and --ssl · ad02b02b
      totten authored
      Inadvertently dropped when switching from civicrm/install to civirm/setup.
      Fixing within same branch/PR.
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      wp-cli/civicrm.php - Activate civicrm before running setup-logic · fb187b68
      totten authored
      The installation process involves a few distinct steps, eg *activating* the CiviCRM WP plugin
      and *running the setup logic* (eg DB/data-file init). But which one should execute first?
      The web and CLI flows differ:
      * Web flow: Activation then setup-logic
      * CLI flow: Activation is optional. If you skip it, it will auto-activate _after_ setup-logic.
        (Note opposite order of operations.)
      The CLI flow produces a large number of warnings and erroneous-behavior like
      Warning: file_get_contents(CIVICRM_PLUGIN_DIRcivicrm/extension-compatibility.json): failed to open stream:
        No such file or directory in /home/fixme/public_html/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/CRM/Extension/System.php on line 301
      The order is consistent - the plugin will always activate before running setup-logic.
      The above warning goes away. `CIVICRM_PLUGIN_DIR` is reliably available during setup-logic.
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      (core#1615) wp-cli - Perform CLI installations using Civi\Setup. · 9f22bc42
      totten authored
      Per core#1615, change how `wp civicrm install` performs installation.
      Using the `Civi\Setup` means that:
      * There's more shared installation code (eg WP GUI / WP-CLI / cv CLI). Less duplicated installation code.
      * Supports more install-time options (`$setup->getModel()`) to configure extensions, components, settings, etc
      * Some options are impelmented more correctly (eg `$setup->getModel()->lang`).
      * Loads the old installer, which (eg) does not have the ability to activate extensions or apply settings.
      * Loads `civicrm-setup` (aka `Civi\Setup`) which (a) has more functionality and (b) is used by the WP+Drupal GUIs and by `cv` CLI.
      Technical details
      To test, here was my process:
      * Setup an empty WordPress site and load the CiviCRM code (but don't run the installer yet).
          * Specifically, I used `wpmaster`. But I hacked `buildkit/app/wp-demo/install.sh` to skip Civi install. Then I ran `civibuild reinstall wpmaster`.
          * Alternatively, you might install a new WordPress site and download the tarball -- then apply the patches.
          * Alternatively, you might use `wpmaster` and uninstall Civi (deactivate plugin, delete `wp-content/uploads/civicrm`, drop SQL tables).
      * Make a DB snapshot with the empty Civi+WP DBs (`civibuild snapshot wpmaster`)
      * Run a series of commands like this:
          rm ~/bknix/build/wpmaster/web/wp-content/uploads/civicrm/ -rf
          civibuild restore wpmaster
          wp plugin activate civicrm
          wp civicrm install --dbhost= --dbname=FIXME --dbuser=FIXME --dbpass=FIXME --lang=fr_FR
      This includes tangential changes in `--lang` handling:
      * In `wp-cli/civicrm.php`, only require `--langtarfile` if we're missing the l10n data.
        It's OK to use pre-existing l10n data.
      * Use `Civi::setup()` for lang setup. This loads the localized data *and also* updates
        the initial `civicrm_setting`s to use the the language. (The prior routine neglected
        to set the active language.)*
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      wp-cli - Allow localized installation with existing `l10n` data dir · 87e327b0
      totten authored
      Before: Suppose you are trying to install with existing source code. If you specify `--lang`, it will complain
      that `--langtarfile=...` is required (even if the language files already exist).
      After: You can install a language using *either* `--langtarfile=...` *or* an existing l10n file.
      Comment: If you try to install with a language that you don't have, then it will still complain, ie:
      Error: Failed to find data for language (fr_US). Please download valid language data with --langtarfile=<path/to/tarfile>.
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      (REF) wp-cli/civicrm.php - Figure out the destination a bit sooner · 0f5dd37b
      totten authored
      Some upcoming patches will want to the $crmPath. Make this available sooner.
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