Commit ca8e5ddc authored by kcristiano's avatar kcristiano

CRM-16421 add docblock for changes to get_base_url()

parent 8c89681f
......@@ -1413,6 +1413,12 @@ class CiviCRM_For_WordPress {
* Clone of CRM_Utils_System_WordPress::getBaseUrl() whose access is set to
* private. Until it is public, we cannot access the URL of the basepage since
* CRM_Utils_System_WordPress::url()
* 27-09-2016
* CRM-16421 CRM-17633 WIP Changes to support WP in it's own directory
* For now leave hard coded wp-admin references.
* TODO: remove wp-admin references and replace with admin_url() in the future. Look at best way to get path to admin_url
* @param bool $absolute Passing TRUE prepends the scheme and domain, FALSE doesn't
* @param bool $frontend Passing FALSE returns the admin URL
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