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CiviCRM is a community-driven open-source project. It has a small, full-time
[core team](
which facilitates development and works on critical issues.
Additionally, a large community of active contributors and
[partner organizations](
drive much of the development work.
For developers, CiviCRM maintains a comprehensive
[Developer Guide](
Topics of particular importance while submitting pull requests include:
* [Contributing to CiviCRM core](
* [Pull requests](
* [Git workflow overview](
* [Writing automated tests](
* [Jenkins continuous integration](
* [Release Process](
* [Developer Community](
CiviCRM thanks you for your contributions and invites you to [log your time spent]( so that you (or your organization) may receive public recognition and promotion for your efforts.
_A brief description of the pull request. Try to keep it non-technical._
_The current status. Please provide screenshots or gifs ([LICEcap](, [SilentCast]( where appropriate._
_What has been changed. Please provide screenshots or gifs ([LICEcap](, [SilentCast]( where appropriate._
Technical Details
_If the PR introduces noteworthy technical changes, please describe them here. Provide code snippets if necessary_
_Anything else you would like the reviewer to note_
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