Commit d250a3f3 authored by L10n scripts on's avatar L10n scripts on
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.gitignore fixes, moved the mo/ dir to workdir/

parent 61a5742b
...@@ -3,4 +3,3 @@ pots.log ...@@ -3,4 +3,3 @@ pots.log
*.mo *.mo
workdir/civicrm-l10n-daily.tar.gz workdir/civicrm-l10n-daily.tar.gz
workdir/civicrm-l10n-daily.tar.gz.MD5SUMS workdir/civicrm-l10n-daily.tar.gz.MD5SUMS
This "mo/" directory contains the .mo files after running the
l10n/bin/ script.
The .mo files should be in the .gitignore and never committed to git.
They are available through
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